If you have always wanted to know how to be a successful entrepreneur, you may think that there is some secret trick that separates those who have made it from those who haven’t.

In reality, many self-starters have learned certain characteristics that help helped them along the way, but not all were born with these traits.

There is a big difference between daydreaming about making the leap to starting your own business, and actually doing it.

Through a great deal of time, energy and good old fashioned hard work, successful entrepreneurs have learned how to grow And traits that help them succeed.

From motivation to positivity, every trait provides you with the vital life skills that are required for success.

Whatever great business idea you have, you cannot ensure the results you need unless you are fully invested. And that is just one of the things to know about how to be a successful entrepreneur.

6 Essential Entrepreneurial Characteristics

So what are the entrepreneurial characteristics you need to make your dreams into a reality? Here are some of the traits you will want to start focusing on as you begin your journey to starting a business from home.

1. Motivation – you need to be self-motivated enough to juggle deadlines, admin and various other responsibilities that arise. That means no slacking off to watch TV, and setting clear work hours that you stick to no matter what.

2. Determined – you need to want this so badly, you will stop at nothing to make it happen. With enough determination, you will get through the bumpy patches and still keep moving forward.

3. Resourceful – you need to constantly find ways to make things happen, from funding opportunities to ‘out of the box’ thinking. This will help you find new, better ways to do things, rather than getting stuck and giving up.

4. Flexible – you need to adapt to situations, circumstances and opportunities. This will allow you to grow and change without being forced into a rut when things do not go as planned.

5. Likeable – you also need to be a people person, who gets on with clients, customers, suppliers and anyone else you come into contact with in the course of business. Communication skills are key, as is a generally agreeable nature.

6. Persuasive – you need to be able to sell it – your products, your business idea, your services and your goals. This means building your selling skills so that you can bring in more business, and make more sales.

What Else is Needed to Build a Successful Home Based Business?

In addition to these entrepreneurial characteristics, there are other things that you will need to build a successful home based business. Time is one such thing, while a good general attitude is also essential. You will also need to consider practical things such as a space to work and any other resources you may need.

With so many potential opportunities lying out there right now, anyone can start a business. But to truly make that business work, you need to know how to be a successful entrepreneur rather than an average one.…

While productivity is certainly one of the more important entrepreneurial characteristics to have, it is not always the easiest thing to have a productive day when working from your home office.

Being highly productive may be a natural trait for some, but for the majority it is a skill that we sort of half-hearted learned in our school days.

Working for someone else sometimes makes it easier to boost your motivation – especially when there is a boss looking over your shoulder.

Having your own little business however makes things just a tad more challenging, even without that added factor of deciding your own work hours.

So what’s a busy self-starter to do to ensure that you start each day on the right foot?

How to be Productive All Day, Every Day

If you need a little more ‘oomph’ to seize the day and make things happen, here are some simple yet effective tips to be productive whole day gear into action…

1. Get Up Earlier.

Really, this should not be an alien concept. You may feel that that extra hour on the snooze button is essential, but just think how much easier mornings would be with a bit of extra time.

2. Make ‘You Time’.

Having an hour that is devoted entirely to you – whether this is spiritual, mental or even emotional – is a good way to get into the right mind set before you start work. You will feel calmer, steadier and generally more ready to begin the day ahead.

3. Meditate.

Wondering how to be productive without doing anything at all? Even 5 minutes of meditation each morning can make the world of difference. You do not have to light the incense or do any chants – all this is really is the practice of quieting the mind. Not only will your boosted concentration make for a more productive day, you will feel a lot better in general too.

4. Visualize Your Day.

Close your eyes, and imagine in your head how you would like the day to go. What do you have planned for the day? What are your top 3 tasks or priorities you need to complete? What goals do you have? Keep this in your inner thoughts and you can avoid distraction later in the day.

5. Get Inspired.

Motivational books, podcasts, online articles, inspirational quotes or any other sort of material you may find are all great ways to inspire yourself each day. Feel empowered, learn from other people and their success.

6. Free Your Mind.

All too often, we spend our lives focusing on rational, doable tasks and plans. Letting your mind roam to explore the impossible is fantastic for your creativity. So much in fact that even Aristotle once applauded ability to ‘entertain a thought without accepting it.’

7. Eat the Right Breakfast.

Step back from those waffles and sugary cereal, and open up your fridge instead. What you need to begin the day is a low carb, sustainable meal to keep your energy levels balanced. Whole-grains, fruit, eggs and smoothies are all good options.

8. Boost Your Heart Rate.

Exercising in the morning helps burn more calories during the day. It also gives you that endorphin boost (real or imagined) that makes you feel on top of the world.

9. Wake Up Your Brain.

Your brain also needs a morning workout to perform at its best. Playing puzzle games, doing crosswords, scrabble and any other brain teaser you enjoy is the best way to exercise your brain. Anyone for Sudoko?

10. Groom Your Way to Success.

Working in pajamas is something that just about every self-employed person does at some point or another. But even if those slippers are super comfy, spending a bit of time on grooming and dressing is a great way to improve your confidence for the day ahead and feel good about yourself and your business. Studies also show that a bit of care can also even improve your income!

One Last Thought on Being Productive

We know that sometimes, work and life make it hard to start a healthy morning routine. Those who have only recently started working from the comfort of home may struggle at first. When it comes to being a mom entrepreneur there are other factors too – kids, school runs, housework, cooking and the million other errands that arise each day.

Read Kirstie Mae Belanger‘s answer to What should I do for a productive day? on Quora

But even starting with just one or two of these habits is the best thing that you can do for you AND your business. Not only will you have a productive day – you will have a productive week, month, year and life too.…

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There are any number of entrepreneurial characteristics that are either already present or need to be developed if you truly want to learn how to be successful in your chosen field (whatever it may be).

But there is quite a leap from having the basic traits that allow you to progress into the often challenging world of running your own business that is based from home, and being able to make that business thrive.

Today, we take a look at the traits that the majority of success-driven folks have, and show you how you can learn how to develop these traits for your own goals.

What Traits Do Nearly All Successful People Share?

It may seem that some people are just blessed with good fortune – being able to turn any venture into a rip-roaring success. The reality however is that most people are not born with the ‘Midas touch’ that turns everything to gold.

Instead, true winners have learned how to nourish and grow the traits they need to make things happen. This is good news for you, as it means that you too can get onto the right track.

Here are some of the characteristics that you will need to master if you want to discover how to be successful in just about anything you decide to do…

1. Learn how to control your time properly

Want to know something interesting? Deadlines are not the best way to manage time like a pro. In fact, most people who are given 5 days to complete a project will nearly always end up putting off the work so that it takes exactly 5 days.

Sticking to deadlines is important of course. But succeeding people have learnt a far simpler and more effective way to master their time. They do things as quickly and efficiently as possible right away – before deadlines – and then they use whatever time is remaining to get more stuff out of the way.

2. Surround yourself with good people

Good people are not only great to have around socially – they are also excellent to have as employees and even customers. Of course, you can’t always ensure that every single person you come into contact with is full of smiles and inspiration.

What you can do instead is start realising that you have full control over the people you deal with – you choose your employees, you try and attract the customers that you enjoy working with and you even do your best to surround yourself with friends that help keep you motivated as you build your fledgling empire.

If you are en route to joining the ranks of successful people, by now you will have gotten rid of the energy drainers, negative moaners and the leeches in the process too.

3. Real life accomplishments trump experience

Years and years of experience in whatever field you have chosen may look good on paper. In the real world though, it means pretty much nothing without actual, genuine accomplishments that put all this experience to good use.

At the end of the day, actions speak louder than words for want of a better cliché. What you DO is a lot more important than what you SAY you can or have done. What projects have you pulled off lately that wowed clients and triggered a slow clap from your team? How many of that killer product you make have you released this year so far?

Skip the talk, and learn how to walk the walk instead. That is what will make the difference between floundering and thriving businesses during crunch time.

How to Succeed in Business and Life

Another way that ‘doers’ stand out from ‘talkers’ is that they see success as being far more than just a way to turn a profit. These people live and breathe the self-starter lifestyle, and most have just as much energy and motivation for their interests and hobbies as they do for their businesses.

To close off, we will share a final bonus tip that pops up so often when hearing about small business success stories.

You know what the extra mile is, and why you need to go it too. Funny thing is that very few people actually do go the extra mile – more often than not, people only do what they are paid to do.

Entrepreneurs who are able to give more, deliver more, do more and impress more are far more likely to succeed in what they do. This doesn’t mean being a slave to your customers – it simply means that you are willing to do whatever possible to make things happen.

Keep discovering different home business tips out there that you competition may not have caught on to, keep making clients happy, keep showing the world that you are the real deal and you will soon learn how to be successful in anything you choose to do.…